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questions and comments about pipetting

Hey, don't strain yourself.

We hope that you work really hard, tackling the vexing problems of biology, but there is no reason to strain yourself with the repetitive motions of pipetting. Let PneumaPipette™ do all that work for you.

When we decided to reinvent pipetting, we said "drop everything!".

For us, drops are everything. We deliver liquids one drop at a time, in fractions of microliters, and we measure every one.

When it comes to pipetting , we're all thumbs.

We are all thumbs, so you don't have to be. With PneumaPipette™ , your thumb can be put to better use like writing down new ideas, holding a cup of coffee, or hitchhiking to your favorite getaway.   

To err is human.

In fact, heavy users of pipettes report that the majority of errors are based on human techniques and irregularities. Why not remove the variation in technique with PneumaPipette™? Let us humans do the thinking, planning, dreaming, and inventing?

If your pipette is easy to use, then why does the User's Guide weigh more than the product?

We use the genius of iPads that make them usable by small children. Just tell PneumaPipette™ what you want to do and let it go to work.

Are you saving time by making 16 errors simultaneously?

Is your multi channel pipette still subject to human error? PneumaPipette™ measures what it delivers, for every single channel.

When is your next capital budgeting process? Who cares!

PneumaPipette™ is available on a daily charge based on actual use. Not in the lab this Wednesday? No charge! If you are working on the weekend, however, we'll add it to your tab.

Have you calibrated your smartphone lately?

Of course not; you don't need to. PneumaPipette™ calibrates itself and sends you a report every quarter, like clockwork. The results are backed by the leader in pipette calibration. And the cost is already included in the daily fee.

Modernize your lab procedures for the cost of a Tall Mocha Latte with a shot of Hazlenut?

Yep, the PneumaPipette™ single channel pipette and robot cost less than a fancy cup of Joe.

If you want flexible software, you've found the right source.

Open source, that is. We give you all the tools you want to modify the robot controlled fluid delivery. And we'll support clever users that wish to share their ideas openly and freely.

Are your employees a pain?

Even your best employees can feel the pain of repetitive stress caused by frequent pipetting. Give them a treat with PneumaPipette™.

Spend your time on ideation, not iteration.

Get your head spinning with ideas, instead of your hand spinning with a pipette.

Home, home on the range.

Are you using different pipettes for different ranges of delivery? PneumaPipette™ covers a wider range so you can have fewer pipettes to manage.

"Hey, don't let this secret leak out, but we can handle volatile fluids"

Using a pipette with volatile fluids can result in reduced pressures and subsequent liquid leaking from the pipette, unless you have PneumaPipette™ which dynamically balances the pressure and stops the leaking.

It's what's on the inside that counts.

Your tests require that you deliver liquids from the inside of the pipette, not anything that sticks to the outer surfaces. PneumaPipette™ automatically finds the surface of the liquid and adjusts its position so that exposure to the outer wall of the pipette tip is minimized.

50 g Frosted Flakes + 120 g Milk

Even as kids, we were interested in cereal dilution. Now we are doing something adult about it. PneumaPipette™ makes light work of your serial dilution tasks.

Meet the experts in pipetting

You are the experts, not us. We are just here to listen to your unmet needs and apply our inventiveness and experience to solve them. Tell us your "magic wand" request.